Developing a good fit for the way you
like to do your business

Outsourcing is now trending in the utility industry like all other businesses. Billing, Customer Care and other information systems have long been outsourced and recently; there has been a tendency to outsource meter-reading activities, meter data management and analytics especially in today`s deregulated environment. We empower our utility industry partners with the right strategies, solutions, and workforce to streamline workflows, control risks, reduce costs and improve customer experience. The benefits of outsourcing include the restoration of predictable growth, improved service levels and quality, and increased profitability for investors.

Dialpad Inc. is a leading business process outsourcing company specializing in high-volume digital asset management, document management, data management, contact center services, and process improvement. The most important aspect of our outsourcing services is developing a good fit for the way you like to do business by discussing and analyzing your needs in detail. A series of milestones and critical design reviews will come out of initial engagements to assure the fastest development time, you must make supporting this process and providing feedback to technical questions the highest priority.

Our state of the art utility billing system and processes with offload significant burden from your staff and infrastructure and have an opportunity to reduce human resource expenses and eliminate the costs of maintaining hardware and software required to process and send invoices. We offer meter data management, customer care and analytical services based on Data as a Service model built on our years of experience in managing variety of data sets and sensitive information to generate invoices and other notices accurately and securely.