Delivering high-quality healthcare through
a sustainable service model

Healthcare providers face tremendous pressure from competitors in the industry as Operations Management faces many challenges for delivering high-quality healthcare services and maintaining service budgets. Outsourcing provides a sustainable model to all healthcare organizations, including hospitals to achieve a competitive edge and offer attractive care services to the patient community. Medical practitioners will be unburdened from the cumbersome and routine administrative tasks through outsourcing. This enables them to focus on patient needs and deliver quality care as the non-clinical tasks are largely managed by the outsourcing partner.

Dialpad International is experienced in managing Non-clinical services that need healthcare consulting outsourcing like integration of information technology for billing and payment systems, maintaining electronic health records and implementing cloud computing. Hospital ICT infrastructure management and maintenance, EMR Data Management.

We can help hospitals in developing the right framework and strategy for outsourcing after appropriately gauging the associated benefits and demerits for optimal outcomes. It helps hospitals in focusing on their core operations and services like clinical diagnosis, medical care and nursing support.