Satisfying ever-increasing connectivity demands while
dealing with innovating new solutions.

Telecom outsourcing market has been growing significantly over the years. North America has been projected to lead the telecom outsourcing market, followed by Europe and rest of the world. High tele density and the growth of LTE, 4G and 5G factors are contributing to the market growth, reduction in operating costs and the rising adoption of cloud services across enterprises and industries are boosting the growth of the telecom outsourcing market.
Dialpad International has rich experience in the Telecom Industry covering Call Center, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Network Traffic Analysis, Subscriber Analysis and IT Service Desk providing short term and long-term service contracts based on managed services and professional services based on network types, size and products offered. We help Telecom Service Providers in retaining their customers and gain advantage of our experience in the telecom industry. Our services aids in satisfying the demand for the ever-increasing connectivity while at the same time dealing with innovating new solutions for the most modern telecom infrastructure and devices.

Data as a Service is one of our major offerings for the telecom sector; we have in-depth experience in managing and analyzing large-scale data volumes and verities of data from network elements and business applications by using our Big Data Platform.